The Complete Guide to the Getting Things Done GTD Method

Oftentimes, the human mind acts like a big hoarder of ideas, no matter how trivial they are. As we’ve already explained, to-dos and next actions are two different animals. They’re just shapeless blobs of mismatched tasks and calendar reminders that lack priority and detail to be actionable. GTD project planning is a well-organized system that requires your time and effort.

gtd project management

The Projects list and project plans are typically reviewed in your GTD Weekly Review, ensuring each project has at least one current next action, waiting for, or calendar item. Make sure you conduct weekly team reviews to understand the schedule of their projects and if the workflow is being managed according to the directions given. The final step constitutes the final action to finish the tasks at hand. By combining David’s methodology with Wrike, you can get a lot done and also save hours each day while increasing your productivity. In his book, David Allen presents breakthrough methods of organizing your work and completing your tasks to achieve desirable results.

GTD Apps for Personal Use

Give a deeper context to your actionable items by describing them, adding labels, due dates, members, checklists, attachments, and even covers. You can already tell by its name that Infinity boasts infinite possibilities. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a GTD tool for personal, business use, or both, this software can handle anything you feed gtd system it with—ideas, to-do lists, contacts, projects, and everything in-between. The Projects List is a simple list of all your projects, one per line. Once that action is checked off we need a reminder that there are other actions still to be done to complete the project. Essentially, tasks that are both critical and urgent get put at the top of your list.

gtd project management

The Calendar Template tab also helps you monitor scheduled tasks. Set reminders for yourself by adding these tasks to your preferred calendar app. The “someday/maybe” list is for compiling actions and projects that you might carry out in the future. Review your “maybe” list regularly to decide whether or not these items still align with your goals. Within the framework of David Allen’s GTD methodology, you define a project as anything that requires more than one action to accomplish and anything that you can complete within 12 months.

Steady progress,one step at a time.

The time spent clarifying and organizing your tasks means that when it’s time to engage with work, you have fewer choices to make and fewer reference materials to find. To decide what to do next, you can see upcoming tasks with due date, sort tasks by label, or create filters to see your next actions based on context. Though the basis of GTD are these five simple steps, they’re not always easy to execute. Rather the key to any lasting productivity system is to keep it as simple as possible and to use it as often as possible.

gtd project management

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