35 Breathtaking Japanese Girl Names and their Definitions

35 Breathtaking Japanese Girl Names and their Definitions

Japanese names are gorgeous and creative. It’s no wonder that numerous parents into the The japanese check out its community to decide a reputation due to their baby girl.

Along with, off Japanese comic strip emails so you can Japanese landscape, there are various a method to select with regards to so you can searching for a suitable label.

Surprisingly, they are utilized since the determination the next time you’ve got a baby girl! Japanese girl names are book brands.

Ai, the first name becoming noticed in this article from Japanese girl brands, function love and you can affection. It’s a great girl’s label off Japanese origin.

Yet not, the name was not one of several best 1000 brands to own girls inside the 2005. It surged to a maximum reputation away from 935 inside the 2007 and you can is still into the an ascending pattern.

In addition, their dominance ranks try as much as 870 into the 2008. It can be in the ai, definition love and you can love in many different dialects and you may societies.

Ai appears as matter 1418 for the a summary of popular brands given to newborn newborns these types of recent years. Japanese girl labels is actually lovely labels so you can attention.

Aimi is an additional name one of the Japanese girl brands for example white regarding China and you will elegant beauty. The name Ami was mostly made available to English and you may French little one girls. It’s 5 times more prevalent compared to American girls.

Besides, one well-known individual titled Aumi are a baby star produced within the 1994. Aumi is in a summary of twenty seven Preferred Female Little one Brands in australia 2012 #1665. Just click here to see exactly how preferred Aumi is this past year.

Ainu is the most Japan’s native people, and it’s among Japanese girl brands that mean people beings. The fresh Ainu someone inhabit north The japanese and possess their unique society, vocabulary, and you may attire. A great girl born Icelandico sposa adolescente to help you moms and dads from Japanese traditions is called Ainu in order for tribute shall be paid off so you’re able to their unique estate.

It really musical very! Ainu is a good choices if for example the child features dark surface or hair than just you are doing.

And additionally, if you don’t desire to use a distinctly Western term to have she or he, you can check Ainu out. So it exotic girl’s identity stands out without getting challenging.


Chika is an additional label among the Japanese girl names which is unisex. Inside the Japan, it is useful girls. The meaning regarding Chika is actually intelligence and wisdom.

Together with, Chika means knowledge and you will charm from inside the Chinese. This may determine as to the reasons certain mothers age due to their daughters. It may be written playing with more kanji characters and can imply intelligent Rose, smart Flower otherwise a lovely rose.

Simultaneously, most other kanji combinations are you can easily but are less frequent. A beneficial girl called Chika may also be called Chi-chan of the their unique friends. Japanese girl names are worth choosing.


Chiyo is common among Japanese girl labels. The definition out-of Chiyo is actually reasoning otherwise causality. Chiyo likewise has comparable title ramifications in order to Chitose, Chizuru, Chisato, Chiaki, etcetera.

Furthermore, it could be printed in hiragana otherwise katakana. It indicates a healthy body both in hiragana and you can katakana programs. This Japanese name’s scarce having English sound system to help you pronounce.

Thus, it’s difficult locate a correct pronunciation for non-Japanese some body. But not, it is not hopeless getting English sound system knowing how to pronounce it truthfully with repetition.

Title Dai is another one among Japanese girl names. When you look at the Japanese, it means: great; big; higher. Inside the Japanese, in addition it function: so you can would you like to positively.

Additionally, listed here is information about most other meanings, root, and. Come across little one brands having Dai otherwise information on pronouncing Dai with music. A man types of Dai was Daisuke (dai-sue-keh).

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